How Do I Do Gel Nails At Home

how to do gel polish at home


Achieving salon quality nails has never been easy at home. But doing your own gel polish manicure so not beyond the reach of the average person with the right kit.

Don’t hang around waiting in line, do it as and when it suits.

With practice you can achieve excellent results in half an hour.


Try to ensure your work area is well lit but away from direct sunlight.

Prepare everything you will need during the manicure in front of you.

Prep Your Nails

Wash any grime and grease/oil from your hands and then dry them thoroughly. Using the slanted side of a manicure stick push back your cuticles. Doing this will not only give you a clean surface for the gel to stick to but also create a longer, even looking nail to apply the gel polish to.

You may want to soak your cuticles in warm water for a few minutes so they become more malleable.

Create the nail edge you want by shaping them with a nail file.

Now buff the surface of the nail with a nail buffer. Do this gently and do not rub too hard.

It’s best at this point to wash your hands again.

Wipe the nails with a cleanser and pad.

Apply gel polish primer to slightly dehydrate the nail and raise the alkaline level. This helps adhesion.

Don’t apply too much primer, a little goes a long way and allow to dry for around 30 seconds or so.

Now on the 4 fingers of the first hand brush on a thin layer of base gel polish. Ensure you cap the ends, that means brushing the free end of the nail overhanging the finger.

Make sure you do not apply the base polish to the cuticles or skin at the side of the nails. Now Place your fingers under your UV lamp for curing. Follow the recommended times for curing for your particular lamp. After curing the gel polish will be tacky-this is normal and expected.

Now the fun part of applying your chosen colour. Choose from a great selection gel polish colours available. We use Bluesky Gel Polish which you can get here. Apply like you did for the base coat and cure it. If you would like a deeper colour you may repeat this part of the process.

As for the base and colour coats, you now appy the gel polish top coat. Once cured wipe away the tacky layer with some normal nail polish remover BUT ensure it is not acetone based.

Your beautiful manicure is almost half done. Repeat on the other hand and then do your thumbs.

Now go and flaunt those gorgeous nails to all.


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